Focaccia mix - "Focaccia Pugliese" 2 pieces of 1kg - Molino Persello

  • Focaccia mix
  • Ideal for 25cm round focaccias or 30x40cm baking trays
  • Soft and fragrant focaccia
  • Recipe on the package for perfect results

Available packs: 2kg (2 packs of 1kg)


Discover the product

Prepared for Focaccia

Our focaccia mix, made with passion by Molino Persello, allows you to bring all the taste of artisanal tradition into your home. Molino Persello is a symbol of quality and attention to detail.

This preparation is ideal for obtaining a soft and fragrant focaccia , perfect for both 25cm round focaccias and 30x40cm baking trays. Each 750g pack is sufficient for the preparation of two focaccias, guaranteeing an excellent and delicious result.

Molino Persello selects only the best ingredients to offer a high quality product, keeping the authentic flavors of the territory intact. The recipe on the package will guide you step by step in the preparation, ensuring a perfect focaccia every time.

Let yourself be won over by the unique flavor of artisanal focaccia , a culinary experience that celebrates the best of Italian cuisine.

Product Features

Geographical origin Colloredo di Montalbano
Production Artisanal
Quality Certification I AM FVG

Ingredients and Allergens

Type “0” soft wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm), non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (sunflower), dry yeast, salt, skimmed milk powder, wheat gluten, flour treatment agent (E300), alpha amylase.

May contain traces of eggs, soy, sesame, mustard and nuts.

Nutritional values

per 100g of product

Calories 1577kJ – 373Kcal
Fat 5.20g
of which saturated 2.00g
Carbohydrates 70.00g
of which sugars 2.00g
Fiber 3.10g
Protein 10.00g
Salt 2.10g