Ossocollo - Del Ben selection

  • Ossocollo or pork neck
  • High quality cured salami
  • Prepared with the neck muscles of pigs raised in Italy
  • Intense red colour, elegant and decisive flavour
  • Perfect for platters or meat dishes such as roulades
  • Handcrafted following traditional methods

Discover the product

Ossocollo del Ben Selection

Ossocollo is a fine cured meat, prepared using the neck muscles of the pig. With an intense red color and an elegant but strong flavour, it is perfect for enriching a cutting board or for use in meat-based dishes, such as tasty roulades.

The production of this cured meat follows rigorous artisanal methods . The selected meats, coming exclusively from pigs raised in Italy , are salted and carefully massaged to evenly penetrate the salt and natural aromas such as pepper, garlic and spices. After resting for a few days, the product is bagged and seasoned with patience and dedication.

Origin and Producer

Ossocollo del Ben is a specialty of Friuli Venezia Giulia , a region famous for its gastronomic tradition. Del Ben only uses meat from Italian pigs, guaranteeing a very high quality product. Each phase of production reflects the passion for craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

Consumer Experience

Taste the Ossocollo del Ben accompanied by local cheeses and a good red wine from Friuli. Perfect for a gourmet appetizer or to enrich a special dinner, this cured meat offers you a unique culinary experience.

The product can be intended for the entire population with the exception of those who are allergic to the above ingredients or milk components.

Product Features

Ingredients Antioxidant E300 Dextrose Flavors Pork Preservatives E252-E250 Sale Spices Sucrose
Packaging Special Vacuum packed
Seasoning 60 gg

Ingredients and Allergens

100% Italian pork, salt, dextrose, sucrose, flavourings, spices. Antioxidant E300, Preservatives E252, E250. It does not contain or derive from GMOs.

Nutritional values

(average values per 100g of product)

ENERGY VALUE 385 Kcal / 1612 KJ

FAT 32.17 g

of which SATURATED 10.57 g


of which SUGAR 1.02 g

PROTEIN 22.69 g

SALT 8.67 g