Cocktail based on sea buckthorn - ZaPront - Tal Frigo

  • Bag in box of cocktails ready to serve
  • Unique mix of juniper and peach liqueur ( TAL ), and apple and sea buckthorn juice ( ZÂL ).
  • 5 liter pack, yield of 25 cocktails
  • Fresh and fruity, perfect for parties and special occasions.

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Zapront TAL FRIGO is a ready-to-serve 100% Friulian cocktail that combines tradition and innovation. This unique drink is born from the combination of ZÂL (fruit juice made from apples and sea buckthorn) and TAL (juniper and peach flavored liqueur).

Both products start from a base of ingredients typical of our land, Friulian apples, juniper and peaches to give freshness, and SEA BUCKTHORN , a brightly colored berry from which juices and syrups are obtained, but also an oil whose properties are exploited in the cosmetic field.

The juice obtained from the fruit has a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and remineralising tonic action . The fruits of this plant are also excellent to use in the kitchen. With sea buckthorn you can prepare jams, syrups, jellies and liqueurs.

Zapront is a practical cocktail ready to enjoy, perfect for adding a touch of fun to parties with friends, festivals and special occasions. With an alcohol content of 10%, this drink is light and refreshing. The 5 liter container makes it easy to serve up to 25 cocktails, ideal for any event .

The cocktail is handcrafted in Friuli Venezia Giulia, using high quality local ingredients. The Zapront TAL FRIGO is ideal for those looking for a fresh and fruity drink. Try it with a slice of lime and a few mint leaves for an even more refreshing experience. The combination of apple and sea buckthorn offers sweet and slightly tart notes, while the juniper and peach liqueur adds an aromatic and spicy touch.

Product Features

Alcohol content 10 %

ZÂL (fruit juice made from apples and sea buckthorn):

Apple juice and pulp (80%)

Sea buckthorn juice and pulp (20%)