Natural Caciotta D'Aviano - Del Ben Formaggi

  • Fresh and soft caciotta , with the delicate flavor of fresh milk.
  • Perfect for snacks, first courses, second courses and desserts.
  • Produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia by Del Ben Formaggi.
  • Milk from local farms

Discover the product

Natural Caciotta D'Aviano - Del Ben Formaggi

Caciotta can be considered the mother of all cheeses, fresh soft cheese with a delicate flavor of fresh milk. It is one of the most classic snacks, increasingly present on menus, served with honey, compotes or jellies which enhance its flavour. It is perfect for making first and second courses, as well as delicious snacks.

Origin and Producer

Produced in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia by Del Ben Formaggi, this caciotta reflects the love for tradition and quality. Each piece is made with milk from local farms, guaranteeing a fresh and genuine product.

Consumer Experience

Caciotta D'Aviano is ideal for enriching your dishes. Whether used in a fresh salad, pizza or focaccia, each bite offers a unique experience, combining the sweetness of milk with a creamy texture.

Storage: At a temperature of 4°-8°C
Shape: Cylindrical, diameter approximately 12 cm

Organoleptic characteristics

Odour: Cooked lactic
Taste: Sweet milky, fresh
External Appearance: Pale straw yellow rind
Internal Appearance: White
Consistency: Soft

Product Features

Ingredients Latte Rennet Sale
Packaging Special Vacuum packed
Seasoning Less than 15 days

Ingredients and Allergens

Milk, salt, rennet
Origin of Milk: Italy
Allergens: Milk
GMO: Does not contain or derive from GMO

Nutritional values

(average values per 100 g of product):
Energy Value: 376 Kcal / 1558 KJ
Fat: 32 g
of which Saturated: 22 g
Carbohydrates: 0 g
of which Sugars: 1 g
Protein: 22 g
Salt: 1.8 g