Frico di Fagagna Latteria Borgo Paludo 180g - La Bottega di Raffa

  • Authentic traditional dish from Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Made with cooked potatoes and cheese
  • Vacuum packed and pre-cooked
  • Heat in a pan or microwave

Discover the product

The Frico di Fagagna from Latteria Borgo Paludo is an artisanal delight from Friuli Venezia Giulia , prepared in a "homemade" way to keep the authentic flavor intact. This typical dish, soft and tasty, is perfect for those who want to savor the true Friulian tradition.

Made with high-quality ingredients, including cooked potatoes (55%) and cheese (MILK, salt, rennet; 45%), the frico is vacuum-packed and pre-cooked to ensure freshness and convenience. Just heat it on medium heat for 4 minutes per side on a hot plate or pan, or in the microwave at 800W for 4 minutes, and the dish is ready to be enjoyed in all its flavour.

Latteria Borgo Paludo is a company with a long history of passion and dedication to quality. Each frico is prepared with care, respecting traditions and using only local raw materials, to offer a unique and authentic culinary experience.

Frico di Fagagna is ideal for enriching any meal, both as a starter and as a main course. Available in the 180 g format, it is perfect for any occasion, especially if accompanied by polenta and a glass of Friulian white wine.

Product Features

Geographical origin Fagagna
Processing Pre-Cooked
Packaging Vacuum packed
Quality Certification I AM FVG

Ingredients and Allergens

Cooked potatoes (55%)

Cheese (MILK, salt, rennet; 45%)

Allergens: Milk

Nutritional values

Averages per 100g of product:

Energy: 1045 kj / 251 kcal

Fat: 16.22 g

of which saturated: 9.72 g

Carbohydrates: 9.85 g

of which sugars: 0.50 g

Protein: 15.50 g

Salt: 0.80 g