Pense E Maravee necklace by Gemona Del Friuli - Daffodil


Necklace with vintage photos of Pense and Maravee and San Cristoforo from the Cathedral of Gemona del Friuli

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You can always remember from Friûl!©

Necklace with original handmade glass pendant and metal base with the statue of Pense and Maravee of Gemona, complete with small silver-colored sphere chain with single-position lobster clasp.

The Remember© collection of our original design is dedicated to all those who want to bring with them a small part of their birthplace or that they have particularly loved, wherever they are.

All jewelery is made entirely by hand with love and quality materials.

Choose your bijoux among our special subjects or ask us for your personalized creation with your memory of your city to wear!

Remember: the original Remember© bijoux are only Daffodil! Beware of imitations!

Avoid contact with water when wearing them.

Product Features

Production Artisanal
Material multimateriale