Juniper and peach liqueur - TAL - Tal Frigo

  • Juniper and peach based liqueur
  • Perfect for refreshing and unique cocktails
  • Fresh and fragrant, for summer cocktails
  • Ideal for parties and relaxing evenings, enjoy it with ice and a slice of lemon

Discover the product

TAL Juniper and Peach Liqueur

Discover TAL, our exclusive juniper and peach liqueur handcrafted in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Tradition meets innovation in this unique liqueur, created with high-quality local ingredients.

TAL is a flavored liqueur that combines the fresh taste of juniper with the sweetness of peach. Ideal for the preparation of cocktails and refreshing drinks, TAL goes perfectly with ZÂL juice, based on sea buckthorn and apple, also grown in Friuli.

Handcrafted, TAL is the result of a deep passion for tradition and quality. Each bottle tells the story of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with selected ingredients and production techniques that respect the environment and man.

Enjoy TAL in a simple but delicious cocktail,


> Ice

> 60 ml juniper and peach liqueur

> 120 ml of Zal

> Slice of lemon

Product Features

Alcohol content 21%