Rolled bacon - La Glacere

  • Whole rolled bacon obtained from the finest cuts of pork
  • Processed according to traditional recipe.
  • Simple ingredients : pork, salt, pepper, garlic.
  • Versatile in the kitchen : ideal for appetizers, first courses or second courses.

Discover the product

Pancetta La Glacere is an authentic expression of the culinary tradition of Friuli Venezia Giulia. This typical Friulian cured meat is obtained from the finest cuts of pork, processed with care and passion according to a traditional Friulian recipe. The unmistakable taste and aroma of our bacon are enhanced by the perfect balance between natural ingredients , which guarantee a very high quality product.

The artisanal processing involves the use of methods handed down from generation to generation, ensuring a genuine and tasty product. Each pancetta is made with dedication, respecting the bond with the territory and the commitment to quality. Perfect for enriching appetizers, first courses or second courses, Pancetta La Glacere adds a touch of flavor and tradition to every dish.

Ideal to be enjoyed alone or paired with fresh cheeses and wines from Friuli, this pancetta represents a sensorial journey into Friulian cuisine, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.

The average weight can vary by 7% more or less.

Product Features

Geographical origin San Daniele del Friuli
Production Artisanal

Ingredients and Allergens

Pork (bacon), salt, spices, flavourings, dextrose, preservatives: sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite.

Nutritional values

Energy value kcal 493//kJ 2034
Fat 48.8 g
-Of which saturated 19.21 g
Carbohydrates g <0.5
-Of which sugars g < 0.3
Proteins g 14.3
Salt 3.8 g