Mortadella - In the Courtyard

  • Artisanal salami with pistachio
  • Shoulder meat from locally raised pigs
  • Stuffed in natural casing and cooked at low temperatures
  • Perfect for sandwiches, mixed plates of cured meats or culinary preparations
  • Authentic flavor and intense aromas

Discover the product

Mortadella in the Courtyard

Mortadella in Cortile is a unique sensory experience, which transports you directly to the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia . This delight, with an unmistakable flavor and compact consistency, is the result of a long artisan tradition handed down from generation to generation.

Produced exclusively with shoulder meat from locally raised pigs, our mortadella boasts careful manual processing, from cutting the lard with a knife to stuffing it into natural casings. Peppercorns and pistachios complete a mixture that is cooked slowly at low temperatures for over ten hours, guaranteeing a rich and authentic flavour.

This mortadella is the fruit of passion, dedication and love for the territory, keeping the local culinary traditions alive. Each slice tells a story of quality and authenticity, bringing a piece of Friulian history and culture to your table.

Perfect to enjoy in a classic sandwich, as part of a mixed plate of cured meats or diced to enrich various culinary preparations. Let yourself be won over by the intense and rewarding aromas of Mortadella in Cortile and discover a product that makes every occasion special.

Product Features

Production Artisanal
Packaging Vacuum packed

100% Italian pork meat and lard, salt, sugars: dextrose and sucrose, pepper, spices, natural flavourings, PISTACHIO, non-edible casing

Allergens: PISTACHIO

per 100g:

Energy: 288 Kcal/1240 KJ,

Protein: 15.7 g,

Carbohydrates: 0 g

of which sugars: 0 g,

Fat: 25 g

of which saturated: 6.30 g,

Salt: 2.40 g.