Fettuccine with red chard - Sapori di Casa by Claudio Jacoponi


Sapori di Casa's fettuccine with red chard are produced in Lestans di Sequals with 100% Italian flours and freshly shelled eggs .

They are bronze drawn , with a rough sheet and produced by slow drying at low temperatures.


Discover the product

Sapori di Casa has decided to use only fresh eggs in its production , which we shell when we make the dough, because when you make homemade pasta you have to use fresh eggs .

Sapori di Casa is proud to be the first, and probably the only one, to offer the market dried food specialties with freshly shelled eggs.

There are at least two advantages:
- The whole egg, unlike pasteurized egg products, has no unpleasant tastes or flavours .
- The whole egg gives the dough a much greater binder than pasteurized egg products . The result is a much more porous dough!

Ingredients :
Durum WHEAT semolina, soft WHEAT flour, EGGS (31%), red chard (2%).
Contains gluten .
May contain traces of SOY and MUSTARD .

Package weight : 250 g (recommended for 4 people)
Cooking time : 2 minutes

Nutrition table :

POWER 368.84 kcal/1559Kj
Proteins 15.1g
Carbohydrates 68g
-of which sugars 2.0g
-dietary fibres 1.8g
Fats 4.4g
-of which saturated 1.5g
salt 0g

Product Features

Ingredients Durum wheat flour Egg Red Chard Wheat flour
Geographical origin Lestans
Production Artisanal