Salami without garlic - Del Ben selection

  • Salami without garlic inspired by ancient home recipes
  • Produced with selected Italian meats
  • Coarse grind and natural casing
  • Authentic flavor thanks to the absence of preservatives
  • Perfect for cold cuts and aperitifs

Discover the product

Salami without garlic Del Ben Selezione

In the Del Ben family, in grandfather Modesto's country house, there was once the custom of butchering pigs at home to obtain meat and cured meats for family and friends. This tradition inspired the creation of salami without garlic , a product that recalls ancient home recipes.

Del Ben Salami without garlic is made with strictly Italian meat, coarsely minced and stuffed into natural casings. The absence of preservatives and the use of simple ingredients such as salt and pepper make this salami a true masterpiece of artisanal production .

Origin and Producer

The salami is produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia , a region famous for its gastronomic tradition. The Del Ben family selects only the best Italian pig meat, guaranteeing a high quality product. Each salami is handmade , following traditional techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Consumer Experience

Del Ben salami without garlic is perfect for enriching a cold cuts platter, accompanied by local cheeses and a good red wine from Friuli. Ideal for an aperitif or a special dinner, this salami offers an authentic and unmistakable taste.

The product can be intended for the entire population with the exception of those who are allergic to the above ingredients.

Product Features

Packaging Special Vacuum packed

Ingredients and Allergens

Pork meat from pigs raised in Italy, salt, pepper, preservative E252 (Potassium nitrate in compliance with Directive n°2006/52/EC updated DM n°209/96)
It does not contain or derive from GMOs

Nutritional values

(average values per 100g of product)
ENERGY VALUE 384 Kcal/ 1590 KJ
FAT 32.5 g
of which SATURATED 13.21 g
of which SUGAR 0 g
PROTEIN 22.8 g
SALT 2.5 g