Pinot Grigio doc Friuli Grave 2022 - Roselli Della Rovere


Its strong character can already be seen from its intense, slightly amber colour. Its aroma is broad, soft with inviting memories, on the palate of toasted bread, yeast and dry hay. Its aroma and taste are typical of Pinot Grigio grown in the Friulian plains.

The wine is particularly dry and goes well with tasty fish. First courses find the ideal pairing.

The optimal serving temperature is 10-11 °C.


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The grapes were harvested by hand in the first days of September 2022 and come from vines planted in 2001 and 2004.
Grown on lean, stony soil, the gray berry with a thin skin has a vegetal aroma.
The vinification of pure Pinot Grigio occurs in the traditional way with mechanical destemming of the grapes.
After 6 hours of maceration of the skins, the must is clarified by flotation. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in stainless steel barrels where it rests on the yeasts for six months.

Product details
Type of WHITE wine
PINOT GRIGIO grape variety
Vintage 2022
Alcohol content 12.5
Designation of Origin FRIULI GRAVE

Contains sulfites

dated 07/31/2023
Total acidity g/l 4.65
Volatile acidity g/l 0.23
Free sulfur dioxide mg/l 23
Total sulfur dioxide mg/l 83
Relative density (at 20 °C) 0.99096
Non-reducing extract g/l 19.3
Net dry extract g/l 19.3
Total dry extract g/l 19.6
Glucose + Fructose g/l 0.3
Title alc. vol. actual %vol. 12.67
Title alc. vol. total %vol. 12.69

Product Features

Wine Type White
Alcohol content 12,5 %
Grape variety Pinot Grigio
vintage 2022
Designation of Origin DOC Friuli Grave