Vino Bianco Doc - Doi 2022 - Vini de Claricini

  • Blend of Chardonnay (70%) and Friulano (30%)
  • Fermented in terracotta and aged in wood
  • Straw yellow color with golden hues
  • Complex aroma with hints of apple, exotic fruit and pineapple
  • Broad, mineral and balanced flavour
  • Perfect with raw seafood, cheeses, pasta and chickpeas
  • Vintage: 2022

Discover the product

Discover the 2021 Doi of De Claricini Wines

The Doi 2021, which means "two" in Friulian, represents the meeting of two wine cultures: fermentation in terracotta and aging in wood. An extraordinary blend of Chardonnay and Friulano, which combines tradition and innovation.

Made with 70% Chardonnay and 30% Friulano grapes, harvested by hand. The vinification takes place in white at 18°C, with sur lie refinement for a few months and bottling after at least 6 months.

Produced with passion by Vini De Claricini, a historic company located in Bottenicco, in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Their dedication to quality and the Friulian territory is evident in every bottle.

A wine with a straw yellow color with golden nuances, a complex aroma with hints of apple, exotic fruit and pineapple. The flavor is broad, with marked minerality and balanced acidity, and a very long finish. Perfect with raw seafood, medium-aged cheeses, pasta and chickpeas.

The optimal serving temperature is 16-18°C. Alcohol content: 13%.

Product Features

Geographical origin Moimacco
Alcohol content 13 %
Quality Certification I AM FVG