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Meat Box - Cjar Box - Meat Box - Società' Agricola Cisorio ss


The perfect box for a meat-based dinner :

1 bottle of Cabernet red wine

1 bottle of Merlot red wine

1 bottle of Altbier Tony beer

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Discover the pleasure of the perfect pairing with this box of products, dedicated to meat lovers . Two full-bodied red wines , Cabernet with its herbaceous notes and Merlot with aromas of berries, will enhance every bite. Accompany them with Alt Bier Tony beer, with its ruby color and caramelized nuances, for a unique symphony of flavours.

An unforgettable culinary experience to make every meal an authentic feast of taste. We offer you two full-bodied red wines and an amber beer with caramelized notes to enhance the taste of your meat dishes.

Cabernet red wine
Wine with an intense purple color, the nose is herbaceous with notes of raspberry and pepper. The taste is slightly spicy , velvety, dry, frank and decisive, persistent and pleasant on the finish.

Merlot Red Wine
Ruby red wine, on the nose it has aromas of berries (blackberry, raspberry, blueberry). The taste is harmonious, savory, full-bodied and dry with a light herbaceous note .

Alt Bier Tony beer 75cl
TONY Beer is our version of the German “Altbier”.
Ruby colored beer with a good bitterness which is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the dark malt, which gives it notes of hazelnut, caramel and biscuit.
Its moderate alcohol content makes it a versatile beer, suitable both for enjoying in peace with friends and for contemplating with more commitment.

Product Features

Geographical origin Sweating
Production Artisanal